About Mike Michael

"Sometimes all you need is a new perspective."

Hello, my name is Mike Michael (aka) Michael Flunker. I went to college for seven years and should be a doctor. With that said, I want to try a different approach with my bio, take out the fluff and get to the point.
I am a cosmetologist, television host, interior designer, architectural designer, digital marketer, project manager, and graphic designer. My life experience library has an excellent array of elements from living in Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, Scottsdale, AZ, Lake Tahoe, NV, and Las Vegas, NV. My goals used to be about me and what I could achieve. Now my focus is on you, the things you would like to accomplish. I can move obstacles out of the way, so you grow, transform, and broaden your horizons to reach your goals.
Yours till the kitchen sinks,
Michael Paul Flunker
Mike Michael

Mike Michael Designs


Mike Michael


Interior Design, Digital Marketing (mobile), Architectural Technologies, Project Management, Business Presentation, and participated in Madison College Entrepreneur Challenge won out of
8 people.


The Home Extension

Television Hosts and Editors

The show’s guests are from local businesses. The hosts talk about what the guest specializes in for the first 30 minutes. The second part is a “Do-It-Yourself” informational video on ways to update your home or create new projects to simplify your life by Mike Michael.

Kiel, WI